3 Motives to Remember While Leaving The Rat Race

“It was a matter of not living lavishly but enjoying what you had, growing things with your hands, working hard, but not being tied to a nine-to-five job, and generally feeling that there’s more to life than money”. -John Sulston


Some of you reading this post may be behind your desk at your cubicle saying “I’m really tired of this job, but can’t leave because of reason #1, reason #2, and so forth.”

Well, you’re not alone.

Choosing to leave your 9-5 requires a huge mental shift as well as a good strategy. But that’s just it – what is a “well-defined” strategy? Furthermore, what is this clear strategy for YOU? Sure, we hear about various plans of actions to take from top entrepreneurs who have dedicated their work toward helping others get to where they are – but is it one size fit all?

One thing for sure, regardless of those who made it, and those who are still running their race, both groups had or will experience the transition phase. The transition phase or the “in-between” phase is when you are forced to juggle the workload of two sourced incomes so you can live in the vision you imagined for yourself.

The transition phase is not made for the “faint-hearted” nor for the easy quitters. This “in-between” stage will pull out the strengths and weaknesses you’d never knew you had. It will also bring you face-to-face with the good and bad characteristics about yourself that have catapulted you or has been holding you back.

It takes sweat and tears to make it through – to leave the rat race once and for all. So no matter what strategy you choose, here are 3 motives that will keep you pumped along the way.

Motive #1: Don’t settle for less.

Is your life reflective of your current vision board? Many may not realize this, but as your life change and grows, so does your vision board. Whether you get married, have children, or decide to spend the rest of your life traveling the world back-pack style, your life’s desires reflect just that.

I remember before I had my beautiful son, I wanted to fly up the corporate ladder, experience a job that required 80% travel, and make a 6-figure salary. I never saw myself running my own business or any entrepreneurial endeavors. I always saw myself working for a fortune 500 company and growing a career within. However, after my son, the need for more flexibility and an extreme desire to spend more time with him grew within me. My life’s vision board changed.

The social and economic shift toward having more than one source of income is at an all-time high. Now is not the time to sit and contemplate on should I go for it. If you want it, get it, and work at as if your life depends on it.
Don’t settle for less.
Don’t settle for “the good enough.”

This time in history is the best time to go for what you truly want, and not what you have to do. The multiple streams of income philosophy allow us to have it all. As long as you work at it, one source at a time, each and every day, you can have it.

Motive #2: You’re fully committed because your “why” is more significant than you.

For me, my why consisted of my son, his future, my needs of flexibility to live out my potential, and my financial freedom. Yours may be different.
The point is, your “why” or reason to proceed, must be beyond you. When you’re working at your business or second source of income, it could feel like holding on to a pole in the midst of a tornado.

Fact is that it’s easier to have one source of income, but it is one of the worse bets to make. So, you will need a reason to proceed, beyond the imbalanced emotions you will face. Don’t give up when the road gets rocky which brings me to my last point.

Motive #3: Always remember, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

A victory’s value is measured by its struggle.

The harder it takes you to get to the finish line, the more appreciation you will have for its reward. If the reward comes easy, the less valuable we make it. We would not acknowledge it as a privilege but more so as an entitlement.

If business ownership and entrepreneurship were easy, the benefits I’m seeking would not be so appealing. Understanding this is vital in getting through the transition period.

Very often you will question yourself – “is it suppose to be this hard, or is it just this hard for me?” The answer – yes it is this hard, and no it is not hard just you.

No one displays their struggle while on the journey, especially on social media, so it looks like your battle is unique, isolated, and literally non-existent.

On the contrary, the struggle is common and has found its way into the homes of many multi-billionaires. The difference – they kept pushing through to their finish-line without quitting and ceasing to fight.

While you’re in the trenches of your business and still trying to maintain the 9-5, I implore you to remember these 3 motives. Entrepreneurship is not a one size fit all, it’s a custom tailored fit.

If you find yourself in the trenches and looking to back out, before you do, have a free 30-minute discovery call with me. Maybe you just need a new perspective toward your strategy. Don’t give up, keep pushing because the rewards are worth it.


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