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Welcome to Business Talk With Shana Jones.

I’m the founder of Brand New Identity and am a Business Tech Strategist who helps Business Owners, Educators, and Mentors like you, create online courses as profitable, revolving assets for your online business.

Why? Because gone are the days where you can look for 9-5 jobs as your one and only source of income. However, you don’t want to fall into the trap of exchanging time for dollars as your only alternate source of income either.

On this channel, you’ll learn how to get started on building your first online course and how to grow your automated online business. That is what Business Talk is all about!

We discuss:
-Business and Marketing Strategies
-The Course Creation Process
-Tips on how to create and set up your website properly
-Mindset Shifting to get you mentally geared and in the right space for building your online empire.

I wanna hear from you! Introduce yourself and where you are on your business journey.

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