Make 2017 Your Year Of Success
Goal-Setting, Action-Planning, and Consistency are all famous terms that are used fluently among the successful. We all know them well – the successful and the aspiring to become successful. However, living, breathing, and embedding them in our lives is the distinctive line that separates these two groups.

This 2017 year can be just another year – just like the years before it. Or, it can be THE year of transformation. The year you begin to take your wants, turn them into needs, then transform them into a tangible reality.

This is my path and determination to make 2017 MY year of transformation. What will it take to make this year remarkable? By living, breathing, and embedding your goal-setting, action planning, consistency, faith in God and in myself, you will surely see it through.

This year, It is time to step off the cloud 9 train and become intentional. You must remove all negative vocabulary, people, and obstacles in your life and seriously step up your game. The Super Bowl is not the only game I’m interacting with this year, and neither should you. Start with this game plan toward making your transformation for the new 2017 year.

1) Become an Advocate Goal-Setter.

It doesn’t do anyone good to freestyle through life and actually believe they will become successful at accomplishing their dreams. Any road will get you somewhere. However, will that “somewhere” be where you really want to be? How will you know if you’ve never picked a destination to start with? No more of the chaos and nonsense! Every month, week, and day, actively create and check off tasks and milestones that will get you closer toward completing your 2017 goals list!

“Becoming my own advocate is the greatest gift I can give myself. I owe at least this much to my ever so patiently waited for dreams, who just wanted to become realities.” – Shana Jones

2) Action Speaks Louder Than Words

It’s not enough to write goals, milestones, and tasks down. They have to be implemented to see the results you desire. This is an obvious statement for many of us, but we still will not budge off the sofa and stop the procrastination. Commit yourself to yourself and to the promises you told yourself. Set reminders and make post-it notes to make sure these promises are staring you straight in your face – all the time – 27/7! Even during the days you don’t want to, do it anyway. Your commitment will remind you of your “why” and “reason”, behind the motivation that keeps you fighting toward seeing the results through. Your commitment is what binds you to the action that needs to be done – no matter what!

3) Consistency is KEY

Creating a habit out of your transformation will make it life-long and natural. It takes 21 days of doing something consistently to make it a habit. Making goals, taking action, and becoming consistent are all great habits of the successful entrepreneur. If you truly want to make it till the end of 2017 & beyond with a successful, completed goals list, it better become a habit.

Start small by getting a good reading list, that will strengthen your biggest knowledge muscle – your brain. I started listening to audio books in my car and on my phone at every opportunity I had. I did this for 10 days. The other day, I ended one of my favorites, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and felt odd that I didn’t have another book waiting in the pipeline. Did I turn on the radio or resume back to what I was doing before (not reading)? NO! I got another one and began again. For me, I didn’t have time to read books but saw the opportunity to listen to them. Find what works for you and stick to it. I created a good habit for myself, that I never plan on letting go.

So there you have it – be an advocate goal setter, take action, and be consistent. This is the best advice I could give that will help you make 2017 a game-changer for you.

Feel free to comment on some of your goals and plan of action toward seeing them through. I would love to hear it. More importantly, you may help guide some else into a transforming year.