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Blueprint to Digital Course Creation One-to-One Intensive

Let’s Make It Happen

“Everyone’s Waiting To Learn, What Only You Can Teach Them.”

Are you ready to create your first online training course? Well, I’m ready to be your guide and mentor because we’re about to make this vision happen! I know you’ve been struggling internally with all of the negative thoughts you’ve placed on yourself.

How will I find the time? Am I good enough? Do I know enough?

Well, I’m here to tell you,


You are above and beyond ready for it all. Just for being here, I can tell this dream of creating your first online course has been plaguing at you – picking at your core to start. I’m here to validate that, yes, it is life-changing!

Just imagine have the freedom to …

  • Create your own schedule
  • Become available for your family
  • Not worrying about daycare cost
  • Asking for that vacation time off is not a dream.


“People like you, are doing it, living it every day. It’s your turn.”


It is a fact that online training courses have been creating profitable online businesses that enable people to live better, flexible, more enriched lives.

Forbes noted that online courses made $46 billion last year, and will be climbing to $325 billion by 2025. Why do you think you don’t deserve a piece of the pie? If you have been going back and forth with “should I?” I’d say, absolutely!

Let’s Make It Happen

Ready, Set, Go!

For the next 3 weeks, I want to work with you, intensely, toward building a roadmap for everything they need to do, in order to create their digital course (whether it’s their first course or are looking for a systematic approach for their future courses).

Here’s what we will be doing: 

Discovering Your Course Topic

Come up with the course topic and validate its need with future potential clients.


Creating an Action Plan & Schedule for Your Content Creation

Create your course content using my Fast and On-task Course Creation Process.

Choose Your Course Platform

Get your course on a platform that works best for your business model and plan. I will be there helping you with all the techy stuff so don’t worry.

Choosing Your MVE (Most Viable Equipment)

We will be picking out all the equipment and software you will need to make sure you will be successful and still keep your business lean.

Optimize For Student Success

We will optimize your course system for student success. Setting your system up for testing, support, onboarding, and testing.

3 Virtual Private Coaching Sessions

We will do 3 virtual calls from me to get you started and accountable. The first week, we will chat 2 times to get you on the right track, then 1 more time during the last week.


Access To The Private Members" Area

You will have access to the “Blueprint to Digital Course Creation Members” private member’s area where you will begin your self-study guides video training. The video guides will get you organized and on-track so that you will be able to complete your Digital Course Creation Roadmap checklist.

Our Virtual Coaching Sessions

Discovery Call (30 min) - Initial Greet & Meet

The initial greet and meet to go over what is to come. The itinerary of this experience laying out their to-do’s and tasks. They will then submit to me any freebies or tripwire documents that they currently have so I could brainstorm on any mini-courses that can be created.

Strategy Call (2 hours) - After 1 and 1/2 weeks and After Access Into The Member's Area

We will go over everything you’ve learned from the videos. You will gather your incredible list of topics, your intended equipment, your selection of course delivery, your selected course hosting platform, your selected email marketing service and your finalized list of ways you plan on supporting your students. During this strategy call, all of your questions will be answered and a roadmap to creating your course content will be provided.

Support Call Check-in (1 hour) - 1 week later

We will review your progress and what you’ve completed thus far. In this session, I will answer any technical questions you may have while you’re building your course out. 

Our Private Facebook Group For Continued Support

Continued Community Support

After our 1:1 support is completed and you have your blueprint of success, you can get continued support while you are creating your content.

Content creation can take anywhere between 30-60 days depending on the complexity of your course.  I know you may still have questions and needed support during this process.

So, you will have access to our private Facebook group for that extra level of support.

"Perseverance Gets You To The Finish Line"

Who this program is for?

This program is for seriously dedicated and ambitious entrepreneurs who:

~ Are ready to see success at the end

~ Have dedicated timeslots in their schedule to ensure they will get their work done

~ Want to see their work done, not just for the sake of completed the program, but because they truly want to immerse and experience the success that is waiting for them on the other side

~ Want a flexible lifestyle without income ceilings

~ Want to work from anywhere

Let's Make It Happen

Client Love

Shana Jones has an all too rare combination of exemplary business best practices knowledge and genuine warmth and integrity. She brings new school tech strategies to business owners in need of creative efficiencies for optimal growth and essential work/life balance. Free Spirit Collaborative has Shana in its DNA and we could not be where we are without her critical and foundational help. In a world of flash and noise, she brought the real deal substance you can't fake. She gave us the tools to succeed and, most of all, the courage to believe in ourselves.

Crystal Ferrara

Co-Founder , Free Spirit Collaborative

I was truly a pleasure to work with someone who has a depth of knowledge in their chosen craft. This is why I refer to you as my "favorite millennial!"

Ty Talton

Co-Founder , Dominican Republic Destination Getaways

Let’s Make It Happen

If this sounds like you, I can’t wait to work with you! 

John Pierpont “J.P.” Morgan

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are”

I believe technology shouldn’t be the limiting factor when it comes to building your dream business.

All skills can be learned, but character, personality, and attitude are things you will bring to your business.

I can teach you all the how’s and what’s while building your online training course, but it is all you who will make it epic!

I’m here to be your guide and mentor for the journey and can’t wait to start!

Let’s Make It Happen

Let’s get you on my schedule today because I fill up fast and only work with 3 dedicated visionaries per month!