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Business Talk With Shana Jones | YouTube’s Business and Entrepreneurship chats we all love.

On Business Talk With Shana Jones, we’re talking about how to leverage automation tools so that you can build that profitable online business you’ve always dreamed of! We also will discuss the importance of having multiple streams of income and how to create them.


Business Talk Episode: Getting Your Content Creation Mojo Back

In this episode, we’re talking about Getting our content Creation Mojo Back!

Content creation is not as easy as it looks. We either believe that we run out of things to say or we just don’t feel like writing. If you’ve ever felt like this or is currently feeling like this, no need to freight. I’ve got you covered with 5 habits that help me kickstart my content creation mojo again so I can create my best content!

Business Talk Episode: Overcoming Challenging Milestones As A New Digital Course Creator

In this episode, we’re talking about how to overcome some of the most challenging milestones while creating your first course. Creating your first digital course has its ups and downs. However, creating your first asset for your business has great rewards. I want to go over the most challenging milestones and how to get over them so you can finish, launch, and reap your rewards!

Business Talk Episode: Welcome To The Conversation

Welcome to Business Talk With Shana Jones. I’m the founder of Brand New Identity and am a Business Tech Strategist who helps Business Owners, Educators, and Mentors like you, create online courses as profitable, revolving assets for your online business.
On this channel, you’ll learn how to get started on building your first online course and how to grow your automated online business.

Business Talk Episode: Mind Your Own Happiness

Business Talk Episode Minding Your Own Happiness.In this episode, we're talking about minding our own happiness. Minding your own happiness is an imperative technique many successful entrepreneurs use, to keep the focus, positive, and full of gratitude. While we're...