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Course Creation: Create Digital Course Topics with Heart

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"Learn how to create digital course topics that sell without leaving the "You" behind, by leveraging your unique qualities."

Feeling stuck on trying to choose your golden topic for your next online course? Well this mini-course is exactly what you need to discover it!

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Hey Did You Know...

Hey, did you know individuals quit during their course creation process because they can't decide on a course topic that they're confident at teaching? The first step people take while searching for their golden idea is scouting what's already out there. People look first, not with their interest in mind, but only on what topics are selling.

As a result, they begin creating content for about a topic that has no true interest to them and without validating it with real potential students to make sure their course will sell. Halfway through the content creation process, they quickly become disinterested because of all the research they have to do and never finish. What's even worse, they finish their course, launch it to the world, then crickets.

In this course, I want to show you how to create course topics with heart through a more repeatable systematic approach. Topics discovered with heart, create courses that sell and engaging student's that buy again and again. How do different online instructors sell the same content as every other instructor and still be successful? Their obvious passion and heart behind their teaching styles coming from a place of authenticity. 

ā€‹Creating your digital course topic is the most critical step in the course creation process, and has a direct correlation with your course's success. So if you're ready to create a successful digital course with a topic that screams passion within and help people solve their problems within the scope of your natural skills, then this course is for you.

In this course you will learn:


How to discover your next digital course topic by leveraging your own unique qualities.


How to find the problems and pain-points of potential students within the scope of your natural skills.


How to brainstorm and validate your ideal topics with your internal network


How to validate your topic with your potential student's pain-points to ensure the success of your course.

This course is backed by Udemy's 30-day money back guarantee. If you're not happy for any reason, you will be refunded in full! I'm excited to see you take your first steps into the world of digital course creation, and I hope to see you on the inside! ā€‹

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Welcome to the Course


What are Personality Tests?


Avoid These Newbie Mistakes When Choosing Your Course Topic


Hi, I'm Shana!

I'm a Business Tech Strategist who teaches Business Owners, Educators, and Mentors how to create profitable, automated online businesses through digital courses.

I'm the proud founder of Brand New Identity, a digital marketing company who mentors our clients how to build profitable, automated online businesses through roadmap strategy, web & content marketing, and asset building through digital course creation.

I love technology and entrepreneurship which is why I built Brand New Identity. I understand technology can be a daunting topic to learn but is also a necessity when building an online business.

Iā€™m a Computer Science and MBA ( Masters in Business Administration) Graduate who just happens to enjoy working with entrepreneurs more than corporate companies. Tasks for building websites, e-courses, email marketing or any other business automation tools are second nature for me.

You will hear me speaking plenty about these topics, and I love helping other entrepreneurs succeed at them, so they can run profitable online businesses.

Shana Jones, Founder of Brand New Identity, LLC

Client Love

Free Spirit Collaborative has Shana in its DNA and we could not be where we are without her critical and foundational help ...

Shana Jones has an all too rare combination of exemplary business best practices knowledge and genuine warmth and integrity. She brings new school tech strategies to business owners in need of creative efficiencies for optimal growth and essential work/life balance. Free Spirit Collaborative has Shana in its DNA and we could not be where we are without her critical and foundational help. In a world of flash and noise, she brought the real deal substance you can't fake. She gave us the tools to succeed and, most of all, the courage to believe in ourselves.

Crystal Ferrara  //  Co-Founder , Free Spirit Collaborative

Someone who has a depth of knowledge in their chosen craft ...

I was truly a pleasure to work with someone who has a depth of knowledge in their chosen craft. This is why I refer to you as my "favorite millennial!"

Ty Talton  //  Co-Founder , Dominican Republic Destination Getaways