The Digital & Story Plan

“There are so many incredible stories driven by wonderful missions. But the digital homes of these missions, don’t express nearly half of the ambition, passion, and personalities of their creators.

For what they stand for, whether they’re doing something great for the world, their country, or for their neighbor next door, they deserve a website that will scream their passion and resonates the with the people who matter.”

So, what’s your story?

“Your website will be built with your heart, love, and mission baked right into the pages.”

We know you have an amazing story behind your business. In fact, your story is almost always directly related to your mission. It’s the mission & the “why”, that drives you to start, run, and grow your business. We want all of that passion to be represented on your website.

That is why we created the Digital & Story Plan. In this plan, you will get the opportunity to build and launch your business polished website and strategic brand. Your website will be built with your heart, love, and mission baked right into the pages. Here at BNI, we use the power of storytelling to attract your ideal client and connect your message with the people who matter.

The Digital & Story Plan guides you toward pulling out your story, mission, and passion from your mind, and into a written guide. This guide will help you with your business strategy, marketing language, branding and new or rebuilt polished website.

Digital & Story Plan: The 4 Phases

The Planning Phase

You will get access to our members-only portal where you will get the prep videos needed to fill out the planning phase questionnaire. You will be taught & inspired on how to remember, connect, and pull out the most important aspects of your business – your story.

During the planning phase, we will be getting in the minds of your customers and/or clients. Did you know that the colors and language of your website & branding are vital to your business success? If done the wrong way, it would result in no clients. IF done the right way, it could be a money magnet and lead converter!

Learning to appeal to your clients senses is vital to your brand and website. At the end of this phase, you will receive a finished plan that will uniquely describe your story, website, and brand.

The Designing & Building Phases

In the designing phase, we will be building the design and architecture of your website. Using the strategy & branding from your plan, we will design your inspiration and build your new polished website.

In this phase we will be gathering your web assets and prepping them for your website. If a headshot or product photoshoot is needed, we will be scheduling and conducting those sessions as well. Also, your logo, social media covers, and business cards will be getting designed and prepped for you launch!

The Launch Phase

The final and most exciting phase of the Digital & Story Plan program. When you get to this phase, that means your website is ready, you’ve grown a new found appreciation for your business and the story behind it, and your ready to finalize your launch! Before launch, we will do the final run-down of your website and hit the launch button!

What’s included in the Program

A Polished Digital Home

A finished and polished website
(includes e-commerce)


Your Digital & Story Plan

A digital copy of your Digital & Story Plan that you can use to drive better decision-making and growth.

Your Editorial Calendar

An Editorial Calendar to guide your content generation and strategy for future growth.

Social Media Branding

Social Media Covers and Icons for 2 accounts.

Business Cards

100 Business Cards designed with your brand in mind.

A Photoshoot Session

A Photoshoot session for your website’s headshot or product images (additional travel charges for out-of-state Photoshoots).

Digital Copies of Photos

A custom designed USB Loaded with photo-enhanced, high-resolution, digital images from your photoshoot.

Online Support

Online support group & one-on-one support access.

A Lifetime Experience

A lifetime experience to share & chat with your friends.

Are You Ready to begin your journey?

Become one of our private clients and work one-on-one with our team on your business launch!


Get the opportunity to work directly with our team on your business and website launch.  We’ll hold your hand through out the entire process. This is the VIP Treatment you’ve been waiting for.



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