Conquer The Course Writing Process To Quickly Launch Your Digital Course

What if

What if I told you that writing the content of your first online course doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems? If you’re reading this right now, chances are you’ve contemplated over and over in your mind that you want to create a digital course but are not sure what’s holding you back.

Is it fear to get started?
Is it fear to get started, put in all the work, and then not finish?
Is it fear that you’re not good enough to teach anyone how to do anything?
Is it fear that you're unable to articulate that “thing” you can teach someone in such a way that they will get the results you’ve promised?

I hear you and get, every last one

Here’s the problem, how do you know?

How do you know if any of those fears are true until you take one step toward trying it? How do you know, until you give it your 100% intention to at least see what this digital course idea is all about?

Just coming to this page and reading this copy proves that you’ve been on the sidelines far too long. It’s time to step away from the sidelines and join the party because you are missing out on all of the fun.

Imagine this for yourself ...

The experience to make a difference in someone life by teaching them a skill or a “way of doing” that will exponentially make their lives better.

The experience to make passive income (and if this just so happens to be your calling, full-time), for you and your family.

People are doing it and living fulfilling lives not just because of the income, but you DO feel amazing when you’re able to witness the results of transformation in someone else life because YOU gave them the value they needed.

Soooo, I want to give you the value you need to get started for FREE.

Sometimes we just need someone else to give us that extra push over that threshold. It’s even easier when that push is of no cost to you too :).

Download my free copy of “Conquer The Course Writing Process To Quickly Launch Your Digital Course.” I promise you… you’d be glad you did!

Hi, I'm Shana!

I'm a Business Tech Strategist who teaches Business Owners, Educators, and Mentors how to create profitable, automated online businesses through digital courses.

I'm the proud founder of Brand New Identity, a digital marketing company who mentors our clients how to build profitable, automated online businesses through roadmap strategy, web & content marketing, and asset building through digital course creation.

I love technology and entrepreneurship which is why I built Brand New Identity. I understand technology can be a daunting topic to learn but is also a necessity when building an online business.

I’m a Computer Science and MBA ( Masters in Business Administration) Graduate who just happens to enjoy working with entrepreneurs more than corporate companies. Tasks for building websites, e-courses, email marketing or any other business automation tools are second nature for me.

You will hear me speaking plenty about these topics, and I love helping other entrepreneurs succeed at them, so they can run profitable online businesses.

Shana Jones, Founder of Brand New Identity, LLC

Client Love

Free Spirit Collaborative has Shana in its DNA and we could not be where we are without her critical and foundational help ...

Shana Jones has an all too rare combination of exemplary business best practices knowledge and genuine warmth and integrity. She brings new school tech strategies to business owners in need of creative efficiencies for optimal growth and essential work/life balance. Free Spirit Collaborative has Shana in its DNA and we could not be where we are without her critical and foundational help. In a world of flash and noise, she brought the real deal substance you can't fake. She gave us the tools to succeed and, most of all, the courage to believe in ourselves.

Crystal Ferrara  //  Co-Founder , Free Spirit Collaborative

Someone who has a depth of knowledge in their chosen craft ...

I was truly a pleasure to work with someone who has a depth of knowledge in their chosen craft. This is why I refer to you as my "favorite millennial!"

Ty Talton  //  Co-Founder , Dominican Republic Destination Getaways