SharePoint Administration & Development Solutions

Leverage your team to become more productive with SharePoint and Office 365 Solutions.

“Do you have a small or large team who just adopted Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365? Learn how SharePoint Training and Business Process Automation can really Leverage your team.”

SharePoint Services Offered

SharePoint Branding

We offer custom branding for SharePoint 2010 and 2013 public facing or Intranet sites. The custom branding will fit your business branding colors.

Business Process Automation

Do your team need some business processes automated in order to increase productivity? With the use of workflow development and proper strategy, your business intranet can be more collaborative engaging, and productive than ever before.

Permission Matrices & Organization Content Policy Strategies

Are permissions and user access driving you bananas? Well worry no more. We can revamp what you have, create a permission matrix, content organization, and policy strategy for your content managers and end-users.

SharePoint Training

Are you and your organization new to Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365? We offer training which can be done in-class style, virtual, or through a customized manual exclusively for your environment.

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