Hello, I’m Shana

And I’m Available To Speak at Your Next Event

I love inspiring and motivating the masses

As a Business Tech Strategist and female entrepreneur, I love sharing my perspective on various topics.

I come with the perspective of . . .

How women are rising in business and technology, but also how they are elevating their brands and message to uplift one another.

No one left behind AND you can do anything that you place in your focus.  Being in alignment with your purpose and/or destiny is key, but more importantly, you must turn dreams into plans of action. 

Rising in the midst of adversity.

You have to look beyond yourself when faced with obstacles, being careful not to confuse them with failures and transforming them into mental barricades. Adversity can make you stronger and more focused toward given undeniable reason to get to your finish line.

Finding power and freedom behind the building of multiple streams of income.

How creating the new “financial security” for you and your family to grow in times of prosperity for the seasons of famine.

 I cover the following topics interwoven with my multiple facets of perspectives:

Business and Technology


Building multiple streams of income

Building resilience while building your dreams

Learning how to take action when the opportunity presents itself.

I’m open to speaking at conferences, panels, virtual summits, church events, and workshops.  If I’m a good fit for your next event, I want to hear more about it.

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